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Beta Patch Vostok 0.1.368

Thanks to all of the great feedback we’ve received from thousands of players, including hundreds of in-game suggestions and bug reports, we are happy to announce that the first major patch of In The Black’s Closed Beta is now live!


  • A new single-player game mode called Instant Action, which lets players test their skills against A.I. pilots, is now accessible from the Simulation menu.
  • A Global Chat system has been added to the Main Menu.

Major fixes:

  • We’ve updated The Belt to better prevent spawn camping for a more balanced and fair match.
  • Reus spawns properly on clients. Fixed the issue where players could not view from the cockpit.
  • An issue causing problems joining matches has been fixed.
  • Improvements to A.I. behavior has been made.
  • Issues with the payment / credits system have been fixed and we have removed exploits that unbalanced the economy (selling of items is temporarily disabled).
  • A bug causing some players to lose control of their ships has been fixed.
  • We re-balanced the mass for all vehicles, which will affect the way they accelerate and fly in general.
  • There have been several smaller hotfixes that you can review in the Update Notes screen in-game.

Upcoming fixes / improvements:

  • We’re re-working our entire input system (including mouse sensitivity settings) to support proper saving and loading, as well as an improved UI experience.
  • Ship Statistics are being added to the Hardpoint editor and Tech-Tree to inform players about their current ship (or a ship they are evaluating).
  • Initial implementation of friends and party system.
  • 2 new vehicles are in development.

We look forward to continuing to support the beta so keep the feedback coming: click on FEEDBACK while in-game or press [F8] while piloting. To vote and comment on feedback:

A special thank you to the Panzer Arena developer for creating the Global Chat system. If tank PvP combat interests you, please be sure to add Panzer Arena to your wishlist on Steam:

Steam keys for the closed beta are available here: